Christine Manges publishes a quarterly newsletter, “The Revolutionary Rug Braider,” which presents the activities and events of the Valley Forge Guild and the larger braiding community.

The newsletter starts up again in January, 2017.

Averaging 22-28 pages of articles on aspects of rug braiding, photos, and diagrammed instructions for projects, the newsletter is available as an email download in color ($20/year) or as a black-and-white copy received in the US Mail ($25/year).  To subscribe, send a check to “The Braiding Post” or to “Christine Manges” at 222 West Swissvale Ave, Pittsburgh PA  15218.  Please be sure to include the information below with your check and Print Clearly.

Alternative: send a Paypal payment to Christine Manges at (Note the “1” after “Post” in the address). Or, email Christine to request an invoice via Paypal.

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Are you subscribing to the email download ($20/year) or to the black-and-white copy in the mail ($25/year)?

Please let me know of any teaching topics that you’d like to have in the next few issues.