Propose a Class

Submitting a Class Proposal

Valley Forge Spring Braid In: May 4-7, 2017

Deadline for submission: December 10, 2016

Class Name: ______________________________________________________

Brief Description of Class and Skills/Project to be taught*: _________________________________________________________________



* Please attach digital photo of project.

Teacher: ______________________________________________________

Contact email: ______________________________________________________

Brief Teacher Bio: _________________________________________________________________



Is Teacher a Left Opening or Right Opening Braider?     (Circle)     LO   RO

Will only LO or RO students be taught? If so, which one?   LO   RO   Both

How many hours are required for the class, which is usually taught in 2-hour segments? _______

What level of braider is this class designed for?  Beginner     Intermediate      Expert       Anyone

Are there prerequisite classes or skills (e.g., butting) for this class? _________________________________________________________________


Are any special books/ kit /equipment required for the student to purchase for the class? If so, what is it and how much does it cost?


Is a sewing machine needed in the classroom?   More than one? How many? _______

What is the maximum number of students for this class? _______

What is the minimum number of students for this class? _______

We are planning to charge students $15 for each 2-hour class, which would be paid directly to you. If your class requires two 2-hour sessions, the total for the class will be $30. If 3 sessions, then $45. If you think this is too much or too little, please list what you would like to charge per 2-hour sessions _____________.

Please submit the above information and photo to Christine Manges by December 10. The Teaching Committee (C. Manges, Pat Koontz, Carolyn Newcomer, and Lynn Vogel) will review the Class Proposals and choose a variety of classes and teachers.

 Christine Manges’ email:

Address: 222 W. Swissvale Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15218


Additional Expectations for Teachers

  1. Teachers are expected to pay for their registration fee ($250, depending on costs) and any extra nights. While the goal is to reimburse the registration fee entirely for teachers, it all depends on how many students come for the weekend and how much is left over after fees. (Last year, I think the teachers got about $100 back on registration.)
  1. Teachers will send class prep information to their students at least 6 weeks prior to the braid in or by March 24.
  1. All teachers are expected to provide 2 hours wearing the “HELP!” apron and assisting braiders with difficulties.
  1. Class Prep and Class Handouts are least expensively provided to students by creating .pdf documents that students can print at home. If necessary, copied handouts will be reimbursed (provide receipt).

Payment of Teachers

  1. Students will be registering for classes through a Central Registrar. Classes will be paid for with class registration. Once it is verified that there is still room in the class, the teacher will be given the student’s contact info to provide class prep information.
  1. After the braid in, once all fees have been paid, the remaining funds will be split among the teachers. Our top limit for attendees is 50 people.


The forms for Registration for the Braid in, and Registration for Classes, will be posted on the website on January 1.