Christine Manges, Dianne Tobias, and Kris McDermet at Longwood Gardens

Christine Manges and Dianne Tobias met at a braiding conference in 2006 and have been sharing their love of braiding on both coasts ever since. Soon after the initial conference, they met Kris McDermet who introduced them to combining rug hooking with braiding. The three authored a book, “Combining Rug Hooking and Braiding. Basics, Borders and Beyond” (Schiffer, 2011) which solidified the friendship.

Christine helped found the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild and authors the guild’s newsletter, The Revolutionary Rug Braider which is available by subscription.

Dianne coordinates the Rugbraider’s Database, a list of more than 300 braiders. To be included , send Dianne: your name, email address, city, state/province, zip/postal code to rugbraidersdatabase@gmail.com and she will add you and send the same information about braiders in your state. The information will NOT be shared outside of the database.

Both Christine and Dianne have taught braiding and braiding around hooking to a variety of students. The have most recently been the moderators of the yahoo braided rugs group.

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  1. Exciting for me, who braids in the “vacuum” of NW Penna; don’t know any others who braid! I’m attending the NE Braids workshop in MA and look forward to being with others who do.

    • Janice, look on he ‘about page’ and send me the info and I will put you in the database and run a query. PA has the most number of braiders! Are you in the database and have I run one for you before? I am away from home this week so cannot check since it is on my pc at home. Dianne

  2. Hi Janice, I too am a Braider in an area with few Braiders. Check out Belfast Braids in Belfast New York. Close enough for us to meet. Another Braider is in Allentown, NY.
    Diane and Christine I hope the site accomplishes your wishes. You both put a lot of work into these arts.

  3. Hi all
    I need help from those of you who have made braided baskets with handles. I am teaching a springtime class on this, and am busy trying to teach myself right now. I’d be grateful for whatever insights anyone can give me on basket braiding in general, and on making and attaching handles that stay in place, and stay rigid.

  4. Mary here …

    Some of you may be sharing in our snowy New England winter. I had been reading about the traditional way that some writers say braided rugs used to be cleaned; so today, I took some rugs outside for a good snow-sweep.

    It worked so well. My DH took photos as I worked fresh snow into 2 rugs. Then we moved them to hang near the woodstove in our basement. By tomorrow, they’ll be ready to return to the bedroom floor.

    Now I am excited about the snow! I won’t try to sweep the 5 x7, but I think I’ll take all of the smaller rugs outside for a good freshening.

    Hope you are all well …

  5. Dianne –
    DH and I have actually been celebrating for you in CA as we see that you’re getting rain! Good that the drought might finally be ending for you all.

    Regarding the snow sweeping tradition, I can’t cite a source as my books are in VT, and I’m snowed-in, in CT. But here’s what I did yesterday: I brought 2 smaller round rugs out to an area of clean snow. I used the broom to cover each with a coating, then worked to sweep it into all of the braid rows. I flipped the rugs, then repeated the process on the other side. Then I shook off as much of the snow as possible. We have a woodstove in our basement, so the rugs were both laid over garbage cans near the stove heat to dry. They are both fine now. They are bright and seem so fresh and clean.

    We did take some photos, but I do not see how I can input those for you here. But I’d be happy to send them along if anyone needs a ‘visual’ of my descriptions. Mary

  6. Hi Christine and Dianne,
    I enjoy seeing and reading anything about braiding. As you know I teach rug hooking and braiding and hand dye wool and this keeps me busier sometimes than I want to be. I want to be in the loop and maybe I will get to one of your PA workshops in the future. My daughter-in-law, Jeanie will be going with me to the Salida braiding in July. We were the founders with Norma Sturgess of the Salida workshop.
    I love anything to do with color and that’s why I take care of my church flower gardens too. Next time I finish some braiding I will send you a picture.
    Thanks for all your expertise in setting up this blog, post or whatever it is.
    Anne Eastwood

  7. To Christine, Diane and Kris: I live in Minnesota, and am seeking information about braiding and plaiting wool into rugs. So far, I haven’t found what I’m seeking in my local area. Can one of you teachers please email or phone me? Thanks so much. I certainly am enjoying your blog. I don’t have a website, and don’t know what to do about the requirement below to fill in a valid URL.

  8. Hello,
    I’m a Andrea from Chile now living in New Zealand 🙂 I’m going to Los Angeles in December for holiday, just one month, and I been trying to find a Braided Rug workshop to attend and I can’t find anything, I wondering if you know any place or someone that is doing classes o workshops.
    I would be very greatful 🙂
    Kind Regards,
    Andrea Munita

    • Hi!
      I am one of the blog authors and I live in Davis by Sacramento. There aren’t many braiders in CA but if you send me your email address to rugbraidersdatabase@gmail.com I will run you a list in CA. Will you be coming up to Sacramento or SF. I give lessons and/or would invite you to visit my fiber room studio. Have been to Chile for a wedding in Pucon. Dianne

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