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Current Flower I’m working on

Christine here.  No, I haven’t finished my fairy tale rug that I wrote about in the last post.  I ended up starting a new rug, because I am mulling over how to put the dragon’s teeth on the outside of it, and whether or not teeth are enough or if fiery breath is needed also.  The fire, in particular, has me a bit stymied.  I’ve been sketching alternatives and just keep thinking about it.

In the meantime, I started another flower.  This time, I decided to put in two rows of petals… and that’s what’s giving me grief right now.  I put in the first row of petals, and then decided that the second set of  larger petals would have to come out between the earlier petals.  Summarizing days of braiding and unbraiding:  the only way to put petals in between the earlier ones is to make a separate spoke.


Separate spoke

The separate spoke is shown, right.  It has a pointy region at the top that will fit into the crevice between the earlier petals, and two double corners off to the sides that will hopefully help me to start rounding the side points around the spoke.


Second set of spokes, surrounded by one additional row.

The photo left shows the second set of spokes plus one row of braiding.  I plan on continuing with my salmon pink and brown colors, ombre’ing out to mauves and dark brown.

I haven’t tried a second set of spokes before, and I’m kind of curious as to how long it will take me to fill in those deep points on either side of the spokes.  The rug is pretty big now so it’s taking me quite awhile to braid and lace each row.

In the meantime, I’m still thinking about fiery dragon’s breath and how to depict it in braids.








5 thoughts on “Working on

  1. Your thought process was quite interesting and I followed what you were doing, but I am unable to foresee what this will ultimately look like. I wish I could but I follow the rules and you make the rules. That is the big advantage you have; your wonderful think outside the box mind. 😍.

  2. This will be interesting Christine. Isn’t the second petal row like the first? I see you have done a similar build up of the first pedal row with a separate spoke or are my eyes off? One thing I have marveled at with multistrand braiding is that a dahlia flower effect happens with the increases and decreases, all on its own. But she have chosen a new and harder approach. Bon courage!

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