9/15/2018 Meeting

We had a nice time at the meeting on Saturday.  We’ve already got several things lined up for the spring braid in (April 26-28, 2019) for our guild:  our speaker will be Susan Feller — more about her in another post — and so far we have several classes lined up.  I hope we’ll get a few more…

Classes so far:
IMG_1490 (1)

  1.  American Star Chair Pad.  Instructor:  Deb Weinhold.  Isn’t this a great design?  It requires knowledge of butting, but other than that it’s a simple arrangement of colors, and a little tricky lacing to make the star.
  2. IMG_1314Wrapped German Buttons.  Instructor:  Heidi Boldt Diefenderfer.  Using a ring as the base, the ring is wrapped to create intricately designed buttons.  Heidi had several of these buttons displayed on her challenge piece for last year.  The designs possible range from very simple to incredibly complex.
  3. IMG_0595 (1)Wrapped Fringe Strip Rug.  Instructor:  Marjorie Kauffman.  Marjorie developed this method of making a strip rug with two advantages:  no sewing across the ends, and no fabric -wasting — or at least, dramatically less than the typical method.  She has devised a way to color-plan at the start of each row, so that each row begins at the exact location that will make the Starts straight across (no shifting each row up and down to match up a zigzag).  Likewise, the Finishes are also straight across, which limits the fabric waste.  A very neat technique!
  4. nettiesswirlPinwheel.  Instructor:  Delsie Hoyt.  Delsie is ready to teach the pinwheel method again.  Yay!
  5. Maker:S,Date:2017-8-31,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-YNeedle-felted Pillow.  Instructor:  Mary Bird.  (I think Mary can do ANYTHING).  Using a background of wool fabric, create a needle-felted pillow.  You’ll have to purchase some basic supplies and some fleece to felt with, but look at how beautiful this is!  We’ve also seen some felting onto braids — I’m remembering one of Heidi Diefenderfer’s challenge rugs, and another by Pam Rowan — so once you learn this technique, it can be applied to braids as well.  Mary says the felting deeply incorporates the fleece into the base fabric, so it doesn’t slowly shed away:  it’s applied very firmly.
  6. IMG_18103-D Kitty Cat.  Instructor:  Jenn Kiarsis.  I wish I had a better photo of these.  Jenn will teach how to braid and embellish these kitty cats.  This photo shows two of them snuggled together on her recent exhibit rug, “Bedroom Buddies.”  Aren’t they sweet?
  7. P1060220BraidBowl.  Instructor:  Kris McDermet.  Learn to hook a small center for the bowl, then how to pad and line the hooking so that butted braids can be attached for the sides.
  8. Beginners
  9. Butting

I usually try to come up with something a little tricky to teach at the braid in… so far my mind is a blank, but hopefully I’ll come up with something.  I think we need a few more braiding-only projects, as well:  we’ve got a lot of adjacent techniques represented, which is fun, but I think we need some Just Braiding classes.

Other cool things coming up:

Kris and I finished the Contemporary Braided Art Rug exhibit at Sauder Village in August.  Some of those rugs will be on display at the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild’s exhibit, but not quite all — there just isn’t space.  That show, “Hooked in the Mountains,”  (Oct 17-21), has two featured artists:  Kris McDermet and Anne Cox.  If you’re going to the Methuen Braid in (Oct 19-21), do try to catch the show in Essex Jct., Vermont just before going to Methuen.  https://gmrhg.org/2018-rug-show-and-school/

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 12.29.14 PM

AND, we have another opportunity for the show in the Spring of 2019!  The Schwenkfelder Museum in Pennsburg, PA has agreed to display the Contemporary Braided Art Rug Exhibit either starting in March or starting in January… depending on whether another exhibit is pulled together before us or not.  The exhibit will remain up through the VF Spring Braid in.  I’m not sure whether we’ll have a few van-loads drive Saturday afternoon down to the exhibit (40 minutes) or whether we’ll ask people to go there first.  In any case, it’s a tremendous opportunity for all of us who have rugs in the exhibit — please try to see it in person; the photographs don’t really do the show justice.

Here are some photos from the meeting:  (next meeting Oct 27)



Judy is showing her pretty pinwheel


Look at the neat label that her friend printed up for her.


Marjorie made a sweet little watermelon rug


Robin and Sharon working away


Eileen finished a pretty hit or miss rug


Colleen was able to join us!  She is starting on a dining room rug.