My old, hard-working, 2010 laptop

Christine here.  See this?  This is a photo of my laptop, a 2010 MacBook Pro, which I have used for drawing diagrams, making handouts, writing the newsletter, updating the blog or the VF website.  It has journeyed far and wide — Maine to Massachusetts to multiple locations in Pennsylvania — and it is the repository of many many hours of drawing and writing about braids.  It has been my companion on many adventures… usually related to braiding.

So, how did I pay homage to this critical and essential device?  I spilled coffee into it.  Freshly made coffee, still with those caffeinated aromas steaming from the cup, and brimming with just the right amount of skim milk added to it, and in my favorite green Tasmanian Devil coffee cup.  As I was lifting the cup toward my lips, the cup hit the corner of my laptop, and — splash, right into the keyboard.

IMG_1138After I swore, jumped up and got paper towels and wiped the thing off, I tried to type an email and sighed with relief.  But before long, a “t” kept getting added in after every letter.  I could backspace the “t” and keep going for a little while, but pretty soon the t’s just kept creeping across the page all on their own.  Finally, I could type nothing at all.

The one saving grace to this whole episode is that I had my husband back up the hard drive yesterday, because there had been some weird glitches in its normal functioning.  In fact, the convenient proximity of the coffee accident to the safety of the back-up made my husband recall the time when our daughter Katie really, really, really wanted a new phone and my “yes, Princess, whatever you want” husband was uncharacteristically firm about telling her to wait until she qualified for an upgrade.  So the next day, oops, she dropped the phone into the pool, and then she got the phone she wanted.

Believe me, I did NOT want to get a new laptop.  I wanted to go on using my old one and having it function perfectly.

shadySo I scheduled a repair appointment at the local Apple store and had a very cute young man with long brown wavy hair and little gold wire rim glasses and a surprising amount of height and muscularity tell me that my laptop was old enough to be considered… ah… “vintage.”  Because it is vintage, the store no longer stocks parts for it, and they no longer do repairs.  The latest models on which they do repairs are from 2011.  Even then, the 15” model like I have would cost over $1000 to repair.

Well, so the good news is that I bought a new laptop.  The bad news is the $3500 bite out of my finances.  (The cost of the machine, plus Tax, plus the Apple Care plan so that if I spill coffee into it in the next 3 years, everything will be fixed for me, plus the adapter so that my old USB port will function with the new USB port, etc).  Ouch.


My newly purchased MacBook Pro, still in its box, in the neat little form-fitting bag from Apple

And, my Adobe Illustrator program will NOT work ever again.  So I’m going to have to pay $29.99 a month to subscribe to the online Illustrator program and even be able to open my old diagrams.  Double ouch.

Sigh.  I have a feeling that everything in my life is slowly becoming “vintage.”  (Especially that white-haired husband of mine).  I am comfortable with vintage.  I am quite content with vintage.  I am kind of dreading the whole process of getting adjusted to a new machine.

But, it will be nice once it is set up and I’ve gotten used to it.

11 thoughts on “Vintage

  1. It sounds as if you are becoming old like the rest of us. (LOL) Condolences on your laptop.

  2. Maybe I’ll just stop using a computer when my Vintage baby expires!! Sigh.

  3. I washed my iPhone a couple of years ago with no back up. At least the good thing is you were able to back it up. You are going to love it I’m sure!!!

  4. The learning curve is the part I hate… but after a week or so it will be like you’ve had your new laptop forever. I’m thinking that I should do a back up on my laptop… which is almost vintage.

  5. Just like all your projects that you figure out. You will work this out too. Then maybe you can teach us some of the tricks you learn. And by the way – we are not getting old. We are “vintage” and desired.

  6. It sounds like Harry Potter waited on you 🙂
    My laptop is older than yours, does that make it… ‘ancient’?

  7. Just think of the new and exciting designs you will be able to create – and yet have the ability to access and revive your vintage ones! Have faith, Christine! You will be up and running and creating in a very short period of time. I have a feeling that you will begin to love your new companion as much as you did your vintage one!

  8. Hi Christine,
    Don’t feel to bad, I use an Ipad, I think maybe I’m to vintage to learn to use a lap top!
    But! You don’t sound vintage, the description of the young muscular salesman was very nice!
    Sorry! I just had to tease you about that!

  9. Sorry for the fatal spill but agree with others there are several silver linings. You’ll be ‘good to go’ shortly no doubt.

    • P.S. Am I seeing this right or does you favorite coffee cup have a narrow base? Perhaps a wider based cup would help.

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