All those blues!

Dianne here….

I am out at our CA coastal vacation rental and only brought knitting and denim rolls. I have recently made two medium (~25″) round rugs out of denim jeans for our master bath to replace a large oval from towels I made as a new braider  The towel rugs did not age well and so the denim ones hope to be a good replacement.

I was lucky to buy 11 pairs of denim jeans at our thrift store during their periodic $1 pant sale and then Colleen Blaisdell offered a number of jeans she had been saving when we’re both at the Valley Forge Braid In last year.  Bonanza!

I brought several rolls of the denim to the coast this trip planning to make a round or rectangular rug for the area going into the garage, but once I got here I realized a denim rug would not go with a couple of wool rugs I had made for nearby areas.

What to do on a cold day? Why not braid some denim baskets to sell at a rug hooking show next summer. I have found that rug hookers are impressed with small, non-rug items especially if braided with other fibers and/or narrow strips. As I began the first base, I was reminded how unforgiving denim is in terms of tweaks and how hard braiding and lacing is on the hands. The thought of tapering then butting a last row and side rows for each basket began to depress me, so I decided to make continuous mats in various sizes…..for trivets or for table center mats or even mats for under house plants.

I have always loved the way braiding brings out the various blues and textures of jeans . So here they are…..what do you think?


8 thoughts on “All those blues!

  1. love your little blue rugs…but right, they are hard on the hands. I have always wondered how that huge ( 12 x 17) denim rug from used jeans has fared over the 21 years since the couple on Martha’s Vineyard bought it for their game room. Bet it is bleached white with all those windows. Twelve of my students helped me make it.

  2. very lovely little bowls …. I am impressed that you are looking ahead to next year’s sales …

  3. Trivets look great…. hmmmm, just thinking and wondering if chair pads would work in denim. The tails at the end could be used to tie the pad to the chair.
    So, how is the knitting coming? Loving the ‘Socks that Rock’ lightweight.

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