Ruffled Candle Mat



Christine here.  This is a candle mat — the center perfectly fits one of those scented candle jars that my daughter loves.   There are two rows of ruffling, and some yellow “pollen” loops.

I was thinking about teaching this as a class.  Is there any interest?  I can’t recall when we’ve made anything ruffled before.  And using the braids as a hooking foundation for the pollen was kind of fun.


11 thoughts on “Ruffled Candle Mat

  1. Christine it is beautiful and the hooked portion makes a glow affect. I would not be interested in taking a class as I have no use for one. U

  2. Very nice piece Christine. I don’t understand the mechanics of two ruffle sections attached to the center circle. Very clever and the principle of ruffling (evenly) is well worth teaching and learning. I know Donna McKeever has done baskets, small keepers with ruffled borders. Attractive and another option for finishing!

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