4-Braid Spiral


4-braid spiral; tapered and surrounded by butted borders of the pattern “Stacked Picot.”

Christine here.  Just finished a rug I’m really pleased with.  I figured out a way to end my tapers without those little spikes of the wrong color into the row below, and I even have a second way to try a la Peggyann Watts, from her advice and photos, thank you!  Next rug.

Of course, I’ve been having so much fun braiding, that I haven’t yet managed to write up the whole process for the upcoming newsletter on Spirals.  So I’ve got to put my braids down and start drawing diagrams — when at the moment, moving on to the next one I have planned (which is 6 braids) is what I really want to do.

But the good things are:  it’s fall and cooling off, so I have fewer hot flashes already; I have no relatives or property in Florida (what a nightmare it’s been for Texas and Florida); my introverted son has actually made friends at college; my daughter is doing okay at her school.  My husband and I seem to be muddling along quite well by ourselves at home… in fact, it’s quite peaceful.


Anna Wilks’ 6-braid Spiral with blunt endings

I dredged up an old photo of a rug made by Anna Wilks that she had posted on the Yahoo rug braiding group, which I cannot even find anymore.  It has a 6-braid spiral, and I figure I’ll make something along the lines of this:


4 thoughts on “4-Braid Spiral

  1. Ooo, I love that spiral, with the points around – Awesome creativity! Can’t wait to read about the tapering technique!

  2. Hi Christine, I LOVE your spiral rug with the stacked picot border. The tapers look great! I always have a hard time getting a smooth taper, seems to always be a little dip on the edge.
    Carol Young

  3. Dianne here: I really like the spiral Christine. I like that the spiral parts end in a pleasing consistent way (you know me!) and I think the next butted rows and fancy braid rows even out and make the effect even more pleasing!! I had always not liked the early spirals I did as they ended in a lopsided way so the one I see on my wall here in the fiber room was the last one I made with the 2 spirals ending at 12 and 6. More consistent than before but nothing like yours. Glad you are enjoying empty nest; wait till they come home for Thanksgiving; that’s the next hurdle!

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