Get the Heck out of the House


My multi strand swirl… slowly getting the last row finished.  Photo by Cheri Coberly.

Now that the braid in is over, I am trying to get back into writing.  My friend Dianne, who often serves the needed role of Chief Nagger to my traits of Procrastination Princess, has been giving me good advice as to how I can best achieve the completion of my book on multistrand braiding. One of her main suggestions: get out of the house.

At home, I am subject to a million interruptions from my beloved family. Last night, I sat at the dining room table for two hours trying to edit the Introduction to the book, just to get myself back into “writing mode.” I catalogued the interruptions, for my own amusement.

Husband: We need to plan when we’re going up to the River in August. Do you have your datebook handy?

Daughter: Mom, do you want to go to Creative Re-Use with me? I want to get some paper to make journals. And maybe some stickers. (ie: Come along so you can pay.)

Son: We’re out of bread. When are you going to the store. We need chocolate milk, too.

Husband: Want to walk the dogs with me?

Daughter: Where’s your button box?

Daughter: Do you have red thread?

Dog: stamping on her water bowl repeatedly and looking at me.

Daughter: Could you sew these pages together for me?

Son: Are you driving me to guitar lessons tomorrow, or am I driving?  Because I have that stupid baccalaureate mass right after, and I probably won’t find a parking spot at school, so you’ll need to drop me off.

Daughter: Isn’t this journal pretty? Look at it.

Son: Where are your keys?

Husband: Could you move some of your stuff here so I can pay bills?

It went on, but the interruptions were so mundane that you’d be bored out of your mind reading them. The point being: Dianne is right. There is no way I can write at home as long as my family is awake.

So, I’ve made a plan. I’m going to try to go to the library, which is just down the street, for two hours a day. I’ll bring my laptop and charger and hopefully find a way to sneak in a cup of coffee. They open at 10:00, so I’m going to try for 10:00 to 12:00, then walk home to make lunch. I’d have more time to work if I went in the afternoon, but my brain functions better in the morning, so I’d better go then.

I love my family. But this is the summer, which means that none of them have jobs (yet), and they are home, intruding on my space. I have to get out of here, or I’ll never get the multistrand book finished.  It’s just impossible to get anything done with these Familial Interruptors surrounding me.


11 thoughts on “Get the Heck out of the House

  1. dear christine.. i know the feeling very well.. linda.. enjoy the day…and its never a me day.but that is life you just seem to work around it and things do get done… dont ask me how but they do…..

    • Linda, I think you must be better than I am at “work around it” and “things do get done.” When I am interrupted in the middle of focusing on something, I have trouble getting back to what I was working on. Sigh….

  2. As annoying as the interruptions are, you are lucky to have family that loves you. I feel your pain though , my family does the same thing. When you have your coffee, put some kahlua in it. 🤗

  3. Dianne here: What good advice! Take earphones and music or just put in earphones so folks won’t bother you! Good luck my friend. Look forward to editing 🙂

  4. Don’t they realize that you are one of the over achievers who writes books, teaches classes, creates great works of art 2 and 3 at a time and make so many people happy with all the work you put into your art in addition to all they are asking for….ha ha. The library sounds like a plan.

  5. Hello Christine!
    My kids are grown and out of the house. But, I know the frustration you’re talking about.
    I have 3 pomeranians, we recused from a puppy mill. They have learned to come to me and
    they know they will get whatever they want. (i figure after living in tiny cages for 10 years they deserve what makes them happy)! BUT, how am I to get things done? One comes in and if I ignore her, she taps me continuously til I say, “What do you want?” She actually smiles and takes off down the hall, looking back to make sure I’m following, and by then the other two are in the line to! Sometimes when I’m saying, “I can’t get anything done, you three go lay down,” they get so excited they head for my bedroom, cause to them ‘lay down’ means nap time! Maybe I need to go to the library!!

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