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Dianne here…I apologize I have not posted for awhile. I have been posting more on the Facebook’s Rug Braiding Group, an active group I inherited as administrator, so am trying to encourage it. Check it out as there are talented people who post.

I am aware Christine has kept you (and me) entertained with her life and projects.

For me, we just returned from the Woolgathering in BC on Thetis Island and leave tomorrow for Valley Forge.  It too just had its 10th anniversary and Gary and I have been to the last 9. It has morphed from a braiding camp to a fiber camp with many rug hookers and braiders doing both. Here is a pix looking from the braiding room out to the water on a cloudy day  IMG_1621

But part of the adventure is the drive. All other Braid Ins I attend need a plane, but this one is driveable, albeit a long drive up Rt 5 into Oregon, Washington and across the border. But I don’t have to pack so carefully and can take lots of projects. The downside is crossing the border. Here is our Prius leaving home IMG_1618

And a restrained visit to the Pendleton outlet in Portland, only a little selvage Gary, tho we stopped for more on the return trip. IMG_1617The custom guard questioned how much we had for just a week but seemed to agree a fiber artist needs supplies and we passed without examination of the boxes and suitcases which included much velvet which I sold at the Braid In.

Big pieces for braiders and long strips for rug hookers  Sue Davies a Canadian friend found the perfect pink velvet match for her hooked center.  See below

Tomorrow I am off to the Valley Forge Braid Christine described. I too have been to all 10 and they have forged great friendships with many braiders especially Christine.  As my husband is older and therefore longer suffering than Christine’s John, Gary just nods and asks for the itinerary.

My real reason for posting is to encourage you to seek out these braiding opportunities for their instruction but even more for their friendship.

PS: I have done this on an iPhone, not recommended.

6 thoughts on “Try for a Braid In

  1. I love your braided flower. All I need is time and then I will braid a bright colored one. I wish I could go to every braiding camp too. Unfortunatly I am involved in hooking and braiding camps in Fl.
    I have asked Kris McDermet to come and teach braiding in Fl next March. If I can’t go to all the braidins perhaps I can bring braiders to Fl.
    I will start a braided flower soon.
    God bless,

  2. Awesome message! Yes…it’s fun and inspiring to be with other crafters, esp. braided and hookers.

  3. Being inspired by this blog’s content for some time now I must add a comment.
    I am writing this from Central West New South Wales Australia. Being mainly a patchwork quilter from way back there was always an interest in Braiding as a textile craft. A few years ago I had the oportunity to learn the basics from a lady who lived in the states for a while .
    It opened a Pandora’s box for me. How exciting. . I now have more braiding fabric than for patchwork. Sourcing the fabric posed a challenge so we decided to recycle old woollen blankets for example, experiment with other types , and for me that extended to purchasing tweed and similar jackets from op shops, unpicking and joining the pieces to workable lengths. Yes into ‘up-cycling…’ One rug included fabric from 8 garments.
    I am in awe of the techniques you speak about and show in photos and would love to extend my skills from the basics. Can you please refer me to any publications or tutoring on-line etc in order to develop further as a creative Braider.
    Thanks, love being inspired

    • Hi Barbara, thanks for your kind words; this is Dianne. I suggest you try YouTube for some helpful tutorials and have you heard of our book, Combining Rug Hooking and Braiding (Schiffer 2011) by McDermet, Manges and Tobias. It has many diagrams, photos and instruction. I know it is available on eBay in Australia or you might be able to get your local library to order a copy.
      Have you seen or signed up for Christine’s wonderful newsletter, The Revolutionary Rug Braider? And do you know about the Facebook Group Rug Braiding? Be happy to help you long distance if you want: email me at Best, Dianne

    • Neat to learn of your crafting journey. Welcome to Up-cycling wool fabric into braiding.

  4. Nice to hear of the Thetis Wool Gathering Dianne. Sue Davies pink flower is beautiful using your velvet. Missed the gathering again but looks like you had a good time.

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