Registration Frustration


Christine Manges’ class on “Twisted Center Flower”

Christine here.  OK, this is one of my typical rants. Today, I am ranting about the obscurity of html code. I admit it, I have never taken a class on computers or information technology. I find all the < and / and src and img stuff completely mystifying. I don’t like being mystified. I don’t like feeling ignorant or clueless.

I’ve been realizing this as I’ve been trying to get the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild’s website to accommodate an online registration platform for the Spring Braid in. Wouldn’t it be nice, simply to click a button on classes you want to sign up for, and check out with Paypal, and be finished? No waiting to hear back after you send in a check and registration by mail, and wondering if the class was full and you’ve been wait-listed. It would all be there right away and clear. It would be more professional.

Well, I played with the free “event planner” and “event registration” plug-ins for WordPress, and while they may be interpretable and useable by people who have had classes in this, I just found myself confused and frustrated and ready to wing my laptop against the wall.


Pam Rowan’s Class on Braided Acorns

Kris McDermet introduced me to Barb, who runs “Iris Lines” web development and design, and who is a rug hooker who designed the registration platform for the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild’s show. The guild has hired her set up our registration, and I’ll just have to plug the information about classes into a standardized format (once she teaches me how).  Thank goodness for Barb.

I am feeling like I might actually need to become a college student again at the local community college, maybe this summer AFTER I finish my darned book, so that I can learn that html stuff that is ticking me off right now.

The class schedule and costs are posted on the website, as a link that you click on in the most recent post. Online registration for the Spring Braid In will, cross my fingers, be up and running on January 1.

If I haven’t destroyed my laptop by then.

Kris’ Exhibit

bwa2016-postcard-4x6wOK, sometimes we have friends who are entirely too modest and we have to do a little boasting for them, because they never do enough boasting on their own.  Kris McDermet is one of those people.

In a casual email she just sent me photos of her rug exhibit last weekend.  It is over now, so the only way you get to see it is by seeing these photos.

Her husband Stewart, dressed in top hat, acted as door man.


Kris’ husband Stewart acting as doorman

I saw the light green/purple rug’s beginnings at the 2016 Valley Forge Guild’s braid in, I think.  Pretty amazing!

Kris says she sold three of the pieces on display — yay!


Beautiful hooked and braided rugs by Kris McDermet

img_3809In the foreground of one of the photos are a few hex-weave baskets by Jackie Abrams.  Dianne and I were lucky enough to see some of her baskets in a gallery in Cambridge, MA.  What a vibrant Arts group Kris is involved with!img_3798