Classes So Far

Slowly, slowly, classes for the May 2017 braid in are starting to roll in.  (Deadline is December 10 for submitting classes…. see link  Registration for classes opens January 1.

I have been having fun thinking about what I would like to teach.  I always sign myself up for teaching classes for which I have things only about half figured out, and hope that the deadline will sufficiently motivate me to clean up the details.  Most of the time this works!

After some discussion with some of my loyal students, I’m going to teach the following: 1.  Fun with Chevrons.  2.  Flower Petals with a Twist.  3.  Butting.

The Fun with Chevrons will be… fun.  Here’s a photo example of a chevron border from a shamrock rug a few years ago:

Chevron border on a Shamrock rug
Chevron border on a Shamrock rug

This shows a simple “chevron dot” pattern.  But there are other easy patterns to create with chevron braids.  We’ll make a small rectangular mat and explore patterns and corners and butting with these 4-strand braids.

For Flower Petals with a Twist… I don’t have a photo because I have only worked it out on small practice pieces so far.  I have to figure in some time for making a chair pad or doily-sized example.  It involves using one strand twisted around itself to create the center spoke of each petal, and this twisted strand enables you to avoid having to do any e-lacing or shoe-lacing to close the center of the petal.

Then I’ll probably offer Butting, just because it’s a good basic skill that has been made easier to get comfortable with, now that Anne Caldwell created the Annie’s Fanny Butt.

Other classes being offered are:

img_22484.  Beginner Rug Braiding:  Chair Pad.  Robin Kershaw volunteered to teach these sessions (although I’m sure she’ll appreciate some assistance from others).

indian-corn-25.  Braided Indian Corn with Peggyann Watts.  Peggy figured out how to make these delightful corn cobs (the corn fronds come with the class) in continuous fashion rather than 9-loop center after 9-loop center, so to my mind at least these will be much more interesting and fun.  How will she do a teeny tiny taper???  Can’t wait to find out.

6.  Braided Acorns with Pam Rowan.  (Indian corn… acorns… anyone say Autumn door arrangement?)  These little cuties are made with 9-loop centers so you’ll get plenty of practice for your all-butted chair pad or hexagon star centers.

img_2437 img_2438 img_2436

7.  img_3325Standing Wool Trivets with Jenn Kiarsis.  I made one of these in Jenn’s class at Methuen and had a great time.  My trivet was on my Thanksgiving table (although next time I’ll pick some colors other than turquoise, olive green, and bright orange).

If you’re thinking about submitting a class… please get moving on your project or technique, and don’t forget the deadline of December 10!

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  1. How can I teach? I’m interested in taking all the classes. Looking forward to learning something new. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. Peggyann

  2. Looks like some interesting classes. Butting should always be offered and the different ways.

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