Been Working on Lately

Christine here.  On Sunday, I taught a class to the local rug hooking group on attaching braids around rug-hooked centers.  It’s always a nice group of ladies, and Fritz Mitnick, our host, always makes wonderful hearty soups that she serves at lunchtime.  So I make a few dollars, spread the love of braiding to another wing of the fiber community, and dine well to boot.

The topic of the class was attaching a picot edge, so I made a few samples… here are a few photos:


Picot edge made to form triangles with the first braid

If you’re wondering why you can see some of the oak table between the braid and the hooking, it’s because they aren’t laced to each other — I need them separate for teaching purposes.

Another sample made for the class is this heart:


Picot around a heart… with an altered pattern to accommodate the upper and lower corners.

I found that I had to dig out the book that Kris and Dianne and I wrote (Combining Rug Hooking and Braiding) in order to remember what to do around the heart’s corners.  It was fun to look at the old magic-marker illustrations to see what I recommended all those years ago.

I also showed the class a plain square chair pad with a picot edge.  On this piece, the picot edge was laced on without regard to the corners, only to following the pattern (the crossover loops of the picot form the points of the diamonds).


Square chair pad in which the picot is laced on with no regard for the corners

All in all it was a fun class and I think everyone was happy with their picot edge borders.


Small bowl made with strips from the “Mug Rug” kit

The other thing I’ve been working on is a change in the “braided mug rug” class that Carolyn Newcomer, Dottie Pepe, Marjorie Kauffman, and Pat Beltz and I teach at the Gathering of the Guilds (now re-named Fiber Fest or something like that) every February.  I thought it was about time that we teach something else other than our standard mug rug.  The problem is that we have about 2 hours, and it is HARD to accomplish a braided project in 2 hours.  I worked out how to use our already-ironed and T-started kits to make a small bowl for keys or paperclips, so I’m proposing to the group that we use this bowl as our project.  It just needs to be test-run by a couple of the other teachers to make sure there’s enough material to make it work… some newbies braid pretty loosely, and I’m afraid the loosies will run out of fabric.

Remember that the Valley Forge Guild is still interested in receiving proposals for classes from teachers… see for submission form.



5 thoughts on “Been Working on Lately

    • One of the reasons I like this chair pad is because the border is so different from the center. It reminds me that you can do crazy things in the border of a small piece, and they don’t necessarily have to tie in to the center’s colors! Christine

  1. Like your samples Christine. I feel a little more confident to try a picot finish on a trivet or chair pad now that I see yours. Good idea on the small bowl for keys/loose change for teaching at the Fiber Fest.

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