Braid Meeting

Christine here.  This past Saturday we had a braid meeting of the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild.  It was Shirley Harrison’s birthday, and Robin Kershaw had a lovely cake for her!

It was great to catch up and see what everyone has been working on.  Here are some photos:


Working on the final butted row of my multi strand

I’m still working on the final, butted row of my multi strand:  here’s a photo of the last row in progress.  I was thinking of going up to 19 strands… but I chickened out at 17.

Debra Weinhold has of course been busy over the summer:  she brought along two wool appliqué table runners and a stool-cover that she’s working on.  It was interesting to realize that, as she gets to the braids along the sides of this square pillow, the need for braiding corners goes away.


Robin Kershaw working on a curtain.


Joanna G works on shoe-lacing chevron strips together


Mary Grove’s pretty strip rug was ruined by an upholsterer who “finished” the ends with glue and a horribly ugly chain stitch over bright blue ribbon. She’s covering the glued/stitched area over with a wide ribbon that is much prettier.


Birthday girl Shirley Harrison is working on a fleece rug


Mary Grove’s continuous strip rug, in which one long straight braid flips over at either end.


Jane Ober brought a pillow she made: the bottom is almost identical.


Debra Reinhold brought a stool cover she’s working on.


Although braided corners are needed for the top of this stool cushion cover, the sides will be straight braids.















At the meeting, we reviewed that Pody Vanderwall will be the speaker at the next braid in (May 4-7, 2017, Bethlehem, PA) and that she will be talking about her great grandmother, who was a famous silk braiding artist in the early 1900’s.  Her great grandmother was Jessie Catherine Kinsey, whose work is still on display at the Oneida Community Mansion House and Museum, in Oneida, NY.  We also talked about suggestions for the teaching program next year; I’ll be formally asking for class proposals from any interested teachers.  Last year, all class proposals were accepted and placed on the schedule, so if you have any desire to teach … let me know!


One of Debra Reinhold’s pretty wool appliqué runners

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  1. Look forward to reading the braiding post. I have a question regarding the continuous strip rug that Mary Grove is making. What technique will be used to finish the end of the strip on the rug?


  2. Just a comment late here on your meeting. Nice to see Mary Groves continuous strip rug done in a fold back method. I have seen this in Germany and think “why not do this!” How wonderful to be planning to have as guest speaker the Granddaughter of Jesse C. Kinsey at the next Valley Forge Braid-In. That lady was an innovator and I enjoyed your article on her. Also I liked Debra Reinholds table runner of Proverbs 31:13. I did one with this inscription as a hooked tea cozy with a braid joining the two sides. Thanks for the news of your guild.

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