Redecorating with Wool Scraps


My 5 X 7′ hit and miss, which is about to get bigger

Despite my assurances both to you and to myself that I would be finishing the whirring wheel multistrand, I have not. I have put it aside. Frankly, I was making myself completely sick of multistrand braiding…. so I was pleased to have an excuse to abandon it — briefly.

For the next 9 days, until my daughter moves back into college, I am adding onto a hit and miss rug for her dorm room. Here’s a photo of the original piece (above), which I think measures at about 5’ X 7’. Her room is 8’ X 11’, so I’m not going to be able to make it THAT big… but a bit closer to those dimensions.


A pile of hit and miss braids

I am reveling in the ease and delight of just braiding and braiding and braiding. I haven’t begun to lace yet, because I have some traveling around to do in the next few days, so it’s easier to move a big pile of braids rather than the heavy rug to which they are attached. Since it’s a hit and miss, I don’t have to worry about row changes or anything else.

I had a temporary hesitation regarding the question of whether I would butt on the additional rows or just start with a tapered end and keep going in continuous fashion. You know me: Queen of Continuous, so of course I chose to make a narrowed T-start and I’ll just circle around from that. Much faster for making the rug bigger, right? I’ll butt the last row or two.


Chair draped with assorted grays

This rug is fun: one strand is reds/pinks/peaches/oranges, and the other strands are gray and gray-brown tweeds/ herringbones/ small plaids. I love using up all those scraps from recycled jackets that I was given a few years ago, from which I have all these short 12-24” lengths. A hit and miss is perfect for all of the short pieces, and leftover rolls.

You may be able to pick out that I tried a multistrand in the hit and miss, toward the outside rows, just to see what it would look like. Well… it didn’t really turn out too well: it’s important to maintain the dark/light characteristics in a multistrand, so having the colors/shades change all the time destroys the pattern. Now you know. I’m leaving the multistrand in the rug, though, because I don’t have time to re-work it.


Dining room table covered with wool

My husband is conveniently away in San Diego for 3 days, watching track and field events with his buddies. He would be seriously perturbed by the amount of wool scraps that I have laying around on every surface, including his desk.  I am thoroughly enjoying the ability to redecorate the house in wool while he is gone!

10 thoughts on “Redecorating with Wool Scraps

  1. Christine you were way too happy to drape your husbands desk with wool scraps. Enjoy yourself. Rug braiders are a special group of people who enjoy the smallest of pleasures like finding the perfect plaid sport coat in a thrift shop. So I understand the thrill of decorating your home with all the wonderful choices for your project, especially the desk.

  2. Hi Christine!
    I love hit and miss rugs, they are beautiful and welcome all the pieces of wool we don’t know what else to do with! I know what you mean about enjoying your days of wool decorating. While I love my husband of 43 years, when he leaves, the house seems to take a deep breath and relax!! Have fun!

  3. Enjoy the draping of wool all over the house. We Braiders are addicted. Thank goodness wool is legal. And I believe we are all over 21. I too am working on a hit and miss at the County Fair. Each nite I grasp several rolls of wool to take with me the next day . The only requirements are that it be of medium weight and the strips are sewn. Braid and lace and describing rug braiding from 8am til 7 pm. What a day!!!!! Peggyann

  4. Another day at the Wyoming County Fair. Handed out 4 repair kits for “Grandma’s braided rug that is falling apart”. Talked of ripping vs cutting, plaiting vs braiding, lacing vs sewing,. Braided and laced from 9am-8 pm. Did I promote rug braiding? I hope so. One lady came up from town two counties over. She was with the Historial Society and they want to start a yearly show with old time crafts. Smithing, spinning , weaving. . . I was hooked and volunteering. RugBraiding added to her agenda. Are there enough days in the week?

    • Your house looks just like mine until I have to put everything away because company is coming. I confess, I too am addicted to wool.

      Peggyann, I envy you. Demonstrating is always fun.

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