One of Those Days



Jack’s Easter Basket: I meant to add more rows, but when I finished the chevron braid around the top, I liked the way it looked.

This is one of “those” days. One of the days where every single little thing that one’s spouse says is irritating. One of those days where the children really can’t do anything without assistance and they need you right in the middle of something careful that you have to pay attention to. One of those days when the dogs won’t stop barking at every passerby walking a dog and I think someone with a dog must be walking back and forth in front of the house.

This is one of those days where I really should be alone by myself so that I don’t say the things that I feel like saying to everyone, like, “Just shut up, John” or “Does NPR really have to be on ALL DAY?” and “Can’t you do anything by yourself, Katie?” or “How hard is it to set your own alarm for school, Jack?” At least I can say whatever I want to the dogs and they’ll still love me: I have already informed Rowdy and Gracie that they are barking way too loudly and too often.


In progress, from the guild meeting: Marjorie Kauffman’s heart with a multi strand border. Can’t wait to see it finished!

At times, I imagine a quiet place for myself. It’s a small-ish house that is way the heck out in the country: a small clearing around the house to let in sunlight, but trees everywhere out back. Maybe on a hill so that there’s a vista of the nearby farm fields and mountains in the distance. Despite the small size, there is an immense fabric room, with a sewing machine that is permanently set up and plugged in. There is wonderful lighting, both natural and artificial, and a table so large for spreading out multiple rugs that I can work on 5 at once without having to put any of the others away. And NO ONE else is there, for miles and miles and miles.


In progress, from guild meeting: Deb Weinhold’s oval rug (it’s probably twice this size now, she works so fast!)

Multiple authors have commented on the need for a special place away from others. Virginia Woolf wrote the book, “A Room of One’s Own,” and in that she famously said, “A woman must have money and a room of her own to write fiction.” Part of a Stephen King quote: “Write with the door closed…” And Ingmar Bergman wrote about an artist’s need for solitude.

I adore my family, even my eternally barking dogs, and I love being with them… mostly….

But not right now.




10 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Wow I have those days. I often wonder why and think something is wrong with me. Lately it is a kinds of joint pains. Must be getting old. I’m learning feather tree right now. Then back to hooking challenge rug. Believe me I’m challenged when I comes to colors. I wish I had the talent to braid. I keep take little tries. Have a great day sometime soon spring will come back.

  2. I’ve been where you are now Christine. The problem is – when you have a place like that to braid or read or hook or whatever – the guilt sets in. I should make a pie, Gene shouldn’t have to cook dinner again, I should clear away some of these dust bunnies. Aw heck, keep braiding its way more fun.. Peggyann

  3. Dianne here
    Christine, come back to California. I promise not to talk to you! Dianne

  4. Seems everyone I talk to lately is in this kind of mood, Christine. My mom always said, “Never put off til tomorrow what you can get done today!” She of course was referring to housework! I think I will apply it to braiding!! Now, “shut the door on your way out!!!!!!!”
    Jackie Noel

    • Jackie, I appreciate your sympathy! Yes, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tell us one day, “What the heck are you wasting time doing those dishes?? You should go finish braiding that row before you think about something stupid like housework!” I think I’ll change your mom’s quote to: Never Put Off Braiding Today…

      • I think that’s good idea, Christine! I saw this little quote on Pinterest, it said….”People will remember your quilts long after you’re gone, NOT your housework!” I think we should put braiding in there! 😄

  5. Ah … Spring Fever has everyone half crazed! I know I am … Snow in April? Not fair. Need sunny skies, and daffodils blowing in the Spring breezes. Soon …

    Jenn 🙂

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