The colors probably aren’t true in this photo, but the yellow is too strong for my maple leaf.

Christine here.  My daughter is considered the “artistic” one in the family.  She paints with acrylics and oil paints in the basement, in an area that she has converted into a painting studio.  The cats, who are confined to the basement and the kitchen (the dogs have run of the rest of the house) will sit and supervise her work, and occasionally utter their approving meows (or, demand to be petted, it’s hard to tell which).

So, my daughter is the one whom I tap for opinions about colors when I think that I’ve made a mistake in a rug.  The problem is, since we are mother and daughter, the relationship occasionally interferes with my ability to use her for her color sense.  For example, here’s our interaction this morning:

Me, yelling up the stairs to her bedroom:  “Hey Katie, come down and give me some advice.  I need to figure out my next color.”

Her:  “I’m doing my Stats homework.”

Me:  “It will only take 5 minutes.”

Her:  “Well I would, EXCEPT that you said an 80 wasn’t good enough on my last exam, so I guess I have to work REALLY HARD on my homework, MOM.”

And so it goes.  Left to my own devices, and still pretty sure that my braided maple leaf’s yellow was too bright and not the right choice, I grabbed my husband, who got a very skeptical look on his face and suggested I ask Katie.  I explained about the Stats homework, and he sighed and told me I wasn’t going to really listen to him anyway, and I said that was fine, it was just an exercise.


My first progression of colors–rejected.

I laid the stack of wools out for him, and explained about how I really like working with the heathered tones because they kind of have two colors at once in them.  He put on a pained face, as if making color choices were somehow damaging to his sense of self.  He said he didn’t like the pale yellow roll and the lightest orange layer because they just… didn’t fit.  Then he skedaddled quickly, before I could ask him to approve a revised stack.

I removed the two lightest yellow oranges and was left with the following:


My second progression of colors.




At this point, Katie’s curiosity overwhelmed her and she wandered down and approved the second stack, and agreed with her father that the two lighter wools should go.

So, now I’m left to remove all of the yellow that I’ve laced on so far, and to cross my fingers that the heathered yellow/orange that’s next will make it around the leaf… if it doesn’t, I may have to recruit family members to revise the maple leaf colors AGAIN.


Progress on the Challenge Rug so far.


6 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. can’t help but wonder why you are not mixing the colors in each braid in that beautiful rug. Maybe blending one in at a time to resemble shading. It is beautiful. Nancy

    • Because I kind of like the linear look! I didn’t used to, but now I do. Maybe next rug I’ll try the braids with mixed colors to achieve the same effect. Christine

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