Christine here.  OK, here it is, my first venture into posting a video on YouTube (and Marjorie Kauffman did all the work — filming, editing, uploading, etc).  I admit that I have no future in Hollywood!!  But focus on the technique:  I think the butting technique is shown pretty well and that people should be able to follow the instructions… I hope so, anyway!

In the future, I’ll work on versions of this for right opening braiders and for same-colored braids (which are pretty easy with this technique:  you just need to buy colored safety pins and you’re all set).

Video:  Annie’s Fanny Butt Method for Left Opening Braiders

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  1. I can’ find it, is it posted yet? Thanks

    Annie’s Fanny Butt Method for Left Opening Braiders

    • Kim, I hope you found the video. You have to go from the email to the actual post on the blog’s website ( to find the video. Christine

  2. Oh Christine!!!! I’ve only watched the first minute (running late for work) but I am going to sit down and step by step follow along this weekend!! Thanks so very much for putting your great talent into video format for us visual learners!! I’m so excited about this!!! Can’t wait to get started!



  3. I avoid butting at all cost, but this method looks like one I will try. Thanks for doing the video and making it look pretty easy! I also found Marjorie Kaufman’s videos and like the way she laces the circle start.

  4. Christine, this video is really easy to follow, and takes the dread and fear out butting!! Thank you so much!!

  5. Your calm voice makes the process of learning a new skill that much easier. Thanks for successfully taking the time to share this.

  6. Christine, thank you! You did a great job. I have your Butt booklet and like it Diane Pecha

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