Entering the 21st Century

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The YouTube video — still being edited right now.

An announcement: in 2016, here today (or maybe this past weekend), I am finally being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. The rest of the world entered the 21st century back in Y2K, but I finally made it over the line two days ago: I made a YouTube video.

Strictly speaking, I didn’t “make” the video; I was simply an actress in it. My friend Marjorie Kauffman has the equipment and shot the video and is editing it for posting on the YouTube site. It’s on the Annie’s Fanny butting method. Marjorie has been working on other braiding videos, too, which I think will be a big asset to the World of Rug Braiding.

My daughter inspired me in part. I taught her to crochet a couple years ago, and last semester she wanted to crochet a jar-cover. At her environmentally conscious college, no self-respecting student drinks coffee or water from (shudder) paper or styrofoam cups; they all drink from mason jars that they re-use over and over. To be able to hold hot coffee, they make their own jar-covers. (Their own version of “cool.”)


My daughter crocheted a jar-cover from a YouTube video

By the time my daughter had this desire to make a jar-cover, she had completely forgotten how to crochet. Instead of buying a book or going to the library, as I would have done, she just watched YouTube videos, and finished her project in an afternoon. So, increasingly, people are turning to videos as the way to learn how to make things. The same will be true with rug braiding.

In preparation for the video — after remembering Kris McDermet’s comments on rather unattractive finger nails in a book’s technique photos – I even painted my nails. I got some pale pink polish that I thought would be discreet and unobtrusive but turned out to be kind of neon. (The last time I painted my nails was probably 10 years ago… or more).

I mentally rehearsed what I would say but of course I was nervous and left out some things I would like to have remembered. I had an unfortunate tendency to keep clearing my throat. Occasionally I said something incorrectly and had to correct myself. But, overall, I think it was good! Not professional, certainly, but clear enough that I think people will really be able to follow the technique, which is the important thing.

When it’s finished being edited, I will put a link here on the blog… and you, too, can enter the 21st century with me! (If you haven’t done so already).

8 thoughts on “Entering the 21st Century

  1. Congratulations. I’m still thinking about joining. You may motivate more than braiding. Keep it coming. Peggyann

    • I like the “You may motivate more than braiding.” I’m going to write about that someday: how much my life has expanded in different directions simply in the pursuit of rug braiding.

  2. And who exactly decides what a professional rug braider looks and sounds like? Other rug braiders? I hereby proclaim you and your video presentation ‘professional’! Case closed, lol.

  3. GREAT job. Who would have thought we could become so tech savvy. This may inspire more people to become braiders.

    • Dianne here…..yes Barbara, let’s hope. I am amused as I braid (and hook) while listening and watching PBS series on my iPad. High tech/low tech/high heart!

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