Witch’s Brew and the velvet touch

Dianne here…

To follow up on Christine’s last post, ‘California Dreamin’, she is not correct in portraying my fiber room nor house as tidy and organized….but thanks.

I finished the braid around the witch which was hooked so well by Kelsie Dore in LA and designed by Tish Murphy. The pix did not come out very well but read on as I have another of the fabrics I used for the braid.

IMG_0710 I wanted to expand on what Christine said since it was the first time I had been asked to braid around a large hooking. I had of course finished a few braids around small pieces for students when either they couldn’t or time was running out, and I have offered to put braid around a few primitive bookings for my guild friends since I think wide braids would look great (but so far no takers).

So it was fun to get the witch in the mail, unroll it and think what might compliment yet not distract from the hooked piece. And doubly fun because Christine was here to help me. Braiding and hooking friends know I have grown fond of inserting velvet in both as I believe it adds a dimension beyond wool to any piece.

Originally I thought 2 black velvets and one black wool would provide a simple, yet elegant, frame for the witch. The black would pick up black in the background, witch and bats and the velvet would add some interesting texture. After seeing the vivid colors in the witch’s face, hat and hair we began to explore the velvet bin beyond black.

Silver sparkle, black and green velvets

Silver sparkle, black and green velvets


Christine and I put several combinations beyond black in photos to send to Kelsie: one with green velvet to bring out the face;

Purple, sparkle velvet and black wool

Purple, sparkle velvet and black wool

one with purple to bring out the hat;


Black velvet, sparkle orange and black wool

Black velvet, sparkle orange and black wool

and the orange ‘novelty velvet’ which I paired with black velvet and black wool, which you can see a little better in this pix. I think adding the matte finish strand of wool helps transition the braided frame to the hooking which is all in wool. Kelsie chose the orange and I cut the strips 1.75″ with the orange a little wider because it was much lighter weight. I stuffed it with a piece of waste wool to give it more plump and had to pin the strand when braiding becasue the orange curled up as a strip and wouldn’t lie flat when folding. Grrr!

But it worked; did triple corners for the corners tho played with straight braids around the corners which often work well with velvet because it is so soft and I think straight braids soften the corners.

I showed it at guild Saturday so maybe I will get some takers on my offer…and it’s in the mail. Hope Kelsie is pleased 🙂

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  1. I think it is great that you tried different combinations of colors for the braid and then took photos.
    As you know I love the sparkle fabric too. The velvet is the perfect compliment to the witch!

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