Houseguests and Fiber Mess


6-braid Trivet:  experiments on different ways to fill in the earlier version’s center hole generated a LOT of small-braids mess in the house.

Christine here.  We have entered a new era in our household: that of the daughter’s serious boyfriend as a houseguest. Over New Year’s, my daughter went to visit her college boyfriend’s family for a long weekend, and now his visit to our house is the expected reciprocation.

I have the usual difficulties with house guests of any kind: they make me fight my natural tendency toward supreme disorganization, so I always start off somewhat resentful. He looked obliquely at my piles of wool and braids stacked high in the dining room; I also saw him notice the collection of scissors, hemostats, needles, and clothespins on the coffee table as he searched for a place to set down his coffee cup. But, he’s a nice boy/man, and very sweet with my daughter, so he has that going for him.

One of the selling points for this boyfriend is that he is a science fiction geek like the rest of us in this family. He is able to compete on the same level as the rest of us for Original Series Star Trek trivia. (Name of Spock’s fiancée when he “killed” Captain Kirk?   T’Pring.) My daughter has coerced him into agreeing to watch the entire compendium of Star Trek: Voyager episodes. He has the habit of speaking to cats in a Yoda voice, which I found amusing when I first heard it.   But, we have 6 cats, so that’s a lot of Yoda.

My daughter and he came into the kitchen this morning while I was doing dishes and, after standing there expectantly for a minute, she began to make him breakfast. Her usual pose while in the kitchen is complete ignorance of all things culinary, but there she was making coffee and toast and pouring juice and setting out dishes and napkins. I am beginning to see some benefits of her having a boyfriend.

I know, with a 17-year old son in the family, that I should be used to a big young guy moving around the house. But my son usually skulks in his room and slips out only for kitchen forays before returning silently to his bat cave. This boyfriend actually engages with me verbally, wishing me good morning and asking me questions. It almost made me drop the dishes to have a young man speak to me… and before noon on a Saturday, no less. If I want my son to talk to me, I have to yell at him to yank out ear buds and… once I start yelling, I tend to continue yelling, so things never go well. Thus, it’s weird to have a pleasant and conversational young man in the house.

My mother has often told me that one of the most amusing aspects of parenting was meeting the young men my sister and I brought home. She has told me quite clearly that she wouldn’t have picked either of her son-in-laws personally, but they both seem to have hung in there with me and my sister so she thinks they’re All Right. This young man visiting my daughter is the first one who has been formally introduced to us as an important guy… it’s obviously unknown whether he will stay or go in her affections. We’ll have to see. But, at least he’s fiber-mess tolerant, which is a plus in my book.


Pentagon Star — this project generated a lot of fiber mess as well, as I tried out various ways to fill in the tiny center.

7 thoughts on “Houseguests and Fiber Mess

  1. You are hilarious! Keep us posted on the yoga cat talker boy/man. Meanwhile,I am going to try to make your beautiful braided trivet.

  2. You are so funny, Christine, and so good at butting!! There’s no trace on the trivet or star!! Don’t worry, house guests do go away, just don’t feed them a lot! ha! My son brought home a girl friend one Sunday, but she never had a chance, the poor thing! She sat down in the WRONG chair! When my husband saw his chair was occupied, he went straight to his room like a child and didn’t come out till I asked her to move! How rude and embarrassing! She seemed like such a nice girl too!

  3. I always thought I was a trekkie, but now I realize certainly not to your level. I certainly don’t ever want to get into a trivia contest with you. And anyone who engages or talks to that many cats, isn’t all that bad. Sounds like it went well. Though I wonder if they (your daughter and boyfriend) are now immortalized in rug braiding lore !
    Lynn V.

  4. Hilarious, Christine! Even got my husband laughing out loud! I’m right there with you on the teen boy recluse with ear-buds. Awesome 5-pointed star, too. I gotta try one…

  5. I was hoping someone else had a house full of wool and a mess. We keep our house tided up so we call it. To me that mean you use it. Not keeping it like a museum.

    I do have a question is there documentation on making strip rugs anywhere? Your book does not have that. Thank you


    • Hi Dave, Dianne here. I did a post or two on strip rugs recently. Norma Sturges book has a pix, not sure if instructions. There really is not much to say except first center row lacing is either ‘e lacing’ if you want finished ends on each end of rug lengthwise or plain lacing if you don’t mind one end having open folds. Need to stitch each end and either turn under like enclosed ends or fringe the ends. Feel free to email me at if you want to discuss!

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