PA Farm Show Winners

Christine here:  I said I would post the winners of the Pennsylvania Farm Show in the Braided Rug category and here they are!  It is just so great that all three winners are members of the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild.  After I present the first three, stay tuned:  Carolyn Newcomer also won in the tote bag category!

First Place went to Eileen Colligan for this pinwheel rug:


Eileen Colligan’s First Place Rug

Look at how beautiful this rug turned out.  All of the swirl sections are nicely proportioned, and I like the way the dark is speckled due to the plaid.  Congratulations, Eileen!






Second Place went to me, Christine Manges, for my “Whilrlygig” mulitstrand rug… (at least, I think that was the one that won 2nd:  I haven’t been to the show yet, and I dropped off two rugs at Carolyn’s to put in the show, so I think she entered this one into the braided rug category…)


“Whirlygig” Multistrand Braided Rug

I made this rug with two 4-strands, then two 6-strands, then two 8-strands.  Were I to do it over again (which I will NOT) I would make it only out of the dark red and pale beige and not have any of the maroon and camel to confuse the pattern.  But, I’m happy with it overall:  it has the vertigo effect that I wanted!





Carolyn Newcomer’s Zig Zag Strip Rug:  3rd place in Pennsylvania

Third place was won by Carolyn Newcomer for her Zig Zag Strip Rug.  My only photo is from when she won first place with this rug in the Elizabethtown Fair; she also entered this rug into the state-wide show and won Third.  Congratulations, Carolyn!


Then, Carolyn Newcomer won a first in the Tote Bag category with her zigzag tote bag:  see photo below.


Carolyn Newcomer with her first place Tote Bag


I think it is just great that the Valley Forge Braiders swept the state on prizes!!!

11 thoughts on “PA Farm Show Winners

  1. Congratulations, everyone. I wish we had some fairs to enter. Do you have to be a resident of Pa. to enter the fairs?

  2. Peggyann here, I sent this message several days ago, but apparently it is in the cyber cloud. I love the braids of these very talented women. It is wonderful how you are promoting the craft.Future braider s can see that the craft is not just ” your Grandmother’s rug”. We should all promote our beautiful braids. Find your County Fair, local craft shows, and talent shows to display our braids.Please don’t say ” my braids aren’t good enough”. They ARE good enough. Besides – we all need the enjoyment and friendship that braiding together encourages.

    • Dianne here… I ‘approve’ Peggyann’s comment I am sitting in front of the fireplace, knitting a new pair of socks, toe up this time to use left over yarn from the last pair. My hooking is near and my braiding upstairs. How full these craft/art forms make my life! With toe up you start with nothing and keep increasing to make the toe-like a round rug…maybe why I love both, you watch the wool grow into something you have created….ah, well back to the sock!

    • Well said Peggyann. The places you mentioned are out there for the craft to become better appreciated and enjoyed for sure. Braiding is kind of like a Quilting Bee.

  3. I also give congratulations to the winners at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Christine your “vertigo rug” is interesting and the center with three colors makes my mind keep looking for a hidden image, much like 3-D pictures. Unique.

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