When you least expect it….

Dianne here  Just back from Thanksgiving down in LA with new daughter in law’s family. One comment: we have little control over the choices our kids make in spouses. They usually don’t consult us and we are even less asked to weigh in on possible in laws. Therefore it is wonderful when families get along together which was the case for this Thanksgiving. It was a great way to cement the marriage of our kids….and yikes they want to come up here next year! The wedding was in June and I made Marybelle’s Mom a purple braided basket and she sent me great soap she had made.

But I digress. We were able to stay at an old friend’s who was spending Thanksgiving with her son’s family in Phoenix. She offered her home which made our 5 day trip much more enjoyable than a hotel. So was I surprised when I went into her kitchen and saw two of my early rugs! I had forgotten I had made them a few years ago. When I talked to her on the phone after we arrived, she reminded me I had made the large round one for in front of her sink (my calculations were off so it was waaaay too big) and so I then made a small oval. She has an old house and the kitchen is in black and white. We thought black/white/grey and red would be good.

this was the originalIMG_0595.JPG

this was the correction

IMG_0594 (1).JPG

and THIS was at her back door! A machine braided rug. For shame! I had better get busy.


4 thoughts on “When you least expect it….

  1. Diane your rugs are really pretty. As far as the manufactured ones, I repair a lot of LLBEAN rugs, the threads break all the time. But once in awhile s really pretty design comes through like the one you’ve have here. It’s really pretty.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful rugs, Diane. They put the machine-made one to shame, lol! And yes, such a blessing (and relief!) when you get along great with your children’s spouse and family. All the more to be thankful for. 🙂

  3. You gals do such good work. I admire every piece I see. Hope everyone has a great Holiday season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

  4. Your friend is blessed to have two nice rugs from you………very attractive and remain in good shape. I especially like the red “speckled” one with black butted border. Neat you have in-laws whom you like and who like you! It makes for pleasant holidays. Patsy

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