Hit OR Miss?

Dianne here…

So I want to tell you about a large (101″ diameter) Hit and Miss round rug I have just finished….it has been ‘installed’ at our vacation rental on the Northern California coast near Mendocino (VRBO #615198, with friends and family rates!). We were fortunate to be able to buy the house about a year+ ago and it came fully furnished, really beautifully furnished. I have slowly begun to personalize the house by decluttering and adding a few braided items such as a stacked patterned basket for the TV remotes:IMG_0563

And a braided basket and mat from wooly worms for candy mints: IMG_0564


The great room had an abstract rectangular rug which tied many of the room’s colors together: chairs, sectional, etc.    Great Room rug  Some have called it perfect for the room, others saying it was ‘decorator’ and undoubtedly expensive. It is all those things, but it doesn’t feel like me. And it was wearing, tho that is somewhat a rationalization.

So I began a hit and miss, making it round because I like round rugs and rectangular that big would have taken forever. We figured it needed to be at least 100″ in diameter.  I have made two other hit and miss rugs, both having one dark standard (black in one, navy in the other) and 2 strands of odds/ends. This rug I wanted to be more subtle so I used one grey, one grey tweed and one odds/ends. Thanks to some gifting of the greys from some rug hooking friends (‘too heavy for hooking, can you use it?’), I began. As we all know as the rug grew, it began to inhale wool. Thanks to friends such as Christine, Kris, Mary, Anne, and Debra who shared their greys, I was able to finish.

IMG_0560IMG_0561As it is round, it covers a different area of the floor, and not as much as the rectangle, but in a way it offers a more centered conversation area for the sectional and chairs (?rationalization).

Anyway here is a close up. After starting and braiding probably 50″ of continuous rug, I tapered and began to braid off the rug so it was portable and then butt on the rug. It gave me a lot of practice on the new butt we described in an earlier post, Annie’s Fanny.


I am pretty pleased and I know I will enjoy remembering where I got much of the wool.

So, what do you think: Hit OR Miss? !IMG_0562

17 thoughts on “Hit OR Miss?

  1. I always love ‘hit or miss ‘ rugs and I think this is definitely a hit!! It’s beautiful!! I love the colors, they bring a feeling of comfort to the room! Jackie

  2. A HIT PLUS! It looks great-lovely blues and grays. Congratulations on finishing such a big rug. The room has a definite different look now-very inviting and warm. Hugs to you.

  3. Very nice Diane

    Your baskets are really pretty, I finished mine from Methuen will send a picture to you. Love the hit or miss, yes it sure is a “hit”.
    I can see Delsie making a version of that purple one you have in one of your pictures, that swirl.
    Great article.

  4. Definitely a Hit..So are your baskets. Your home it very beautiful and bright. I have found the Stacked baskets are fun to make, and very popular. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Definitely a HIT – by my rug braider mama’s definition, a hit and miss will have at least one consistent strand of color that goes all the way through the rug. Then the others can have a lot of variation. This one is a winner.

  6. Diane … Beautiful home, fabulous baskets, phenomenal Hit or Miss rug! I love round Hit or Miss rugs, and have used the same formula – two solid colors, with the third a combo of complementary odds and ends. Absolutely a HIT and lovely for the space.

    Jenn 🙂

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