Christine here.  I’ve been working on the current issue of the braiding newsletter, The Revolutionary Rug Braider, which is due out in the first half of October.  As always, I start to tear my hair out right about now …

This newsletter issue might be a bit different from my usual:  the interview might get cut (my planned interviewee initially agreed but has been incommunicado).  So, there might be a different overall plan for this issue.

Hexagon trivet with a Betty Mutina center

Hexagon trivet with a 6-loop center

In the meantime, I’ve been having fun experimenting with different centers for a butted hexagon, since hexagon rugs will be the teaching topic.  I’ve always loved the hexagon trivet — see photo — and always wanted to experiment a bit with variations.  The trivet in the photo has a 6-loop center (made just like a 9-loop center, but smaller) and is followed by a DC-1-DC row (double corners separated by one loop).  I also experimented with a quickie-6 center (made of only two strands) that fits a little more easily into the DC-1-DC row.  It’s tiny — see photo below.

"Quickie-6" center

“Quickie-6” center

Then I’ve been figuring out how to make the Betty Mutina Center, which is a 12-loop, 6 double-corner center.  It’s quite pretty!  Here’s one that Pam Rowan gave me as a sample:  see below.  The nice thing about this center is that it can begin the 6-sided star pattern with its darker outer strand. Due to the dark strand’s position as the first loop of every double corner, this darker strand stays only on the outside loops of the braid.

Betty Mutina Center, made by Pam Rowan

Betty Mutina Center, made by Pam Rowan


6-Row Hexagon Trivet — maybe a bit too much pattern

Then I’ve been playing with different patterns for the star in subsequent rows… here’s a look at one that I threw as much patterning in as I could… and I think it’s a bit busy.  But it was fun to make!

Now I just have to stop thinking about multistrand patterns and hexagon trivets.  I  WILL NOT THINK ABOUT MULTISTRAND PATTERNS AND HEXAGON TRIVETS.  If I do, I will never finish the newsletter.  I WILL NOT THINK ABOUT IT.

7 thoughts on “Hexagons

  1. Dianne here: I love what you have done here Christine…..and must admit I am honorec to be your ‘groupie’, just glad to be part of your creativity which is this blog….BUT time to get back to the multistrand project…

  2. Hi Christine!! I’m so excited!! These are beautiful! I’ve wanted to learn the hexagon for a long time! “Good things come to those who wait” I’ve always heard and this is definitely one of those things!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!

  3. Really nice shape and designs Christine. It will make a great class! Have you thought of trying a pentagon next? I know how you love creating these interesting designs. Thank you!

  4. I agree with Dianne and Carols remark. I never heard of the 6 loop, I love learning things, and you have a great project here. I don’t think it’s too busy. I love both of them.

  5. Awesome! I love hexagons, and I love the 12-loop flower– never saw that before. And could that mini-six loop fit into a square center more easily than an 8-loop…somehow…?

    • OK, thinking aloud here, I doubt that you could make the quickie-6 loop center fit into the 4-sided square– you’d have 2 extra loops to deal with. But, I think you could make a quickie-8 just like you make a quickie 6: just with 2 slightly longer strips (5″ instead of 4″…. give it a try!) It would be a 5″ bracelet + a strip marked at 5″ but left a bit longer until sewing. Make 4 loops with both strands. Close up with lacing thread at the end.

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