Butt Booklet for Right Openings Available Now

Dianne here

In a recent post, “Annie’s Fanny“, I described a new innovative butt technique devised by a good friend Anne Morton Caldwell. My co-blogger Christine Manges has incorporated instructions and as usual, her wonderful diagrams for this new butt in a Butt Booklet which I described in the post. Check out that post for a complete description of the Booklet.

NOW she has made a new edition for you right opening braiders. It is available for $15 postpaid. Contact Christine at ccmanges@gmail.com for information.

2 thoughts on “Butt Booklet for Right Openings Available Now

  1. Just received Right Sided Butts. So nice to have all butts in the same place with easy to follow instructions and illustrations.Thank you again Christine.Peggyann

  2. I just received my right hand copy. It looks great. I have to try the new method.

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