Unabashed Advertisement for Braiding Class

Dianne here…..

with apologies if you feel this is inappropriate for a blog post but I am writing this to tell you about a new class offered this summer at the      John C Campbell Folk Art School (www.folkschool.org) in North Carolina:

Braiding Around Hooking (https://classes.folkschool.org/class_details.aspx?pk=17820)

taught by ME!

The school is pretty unique: from their description: “provides experiences in non-competitive learning and community life that are joyful and enlivening. Located in scenic Brasstown, North Carolina, the Folk School offers year-round weeklong and weekend classes for adults in craft, art, music, dance, cooking, gardening, nature studies, photography and writing“.                                                                                                      The scenery, lodging and atmosphere seems surreal and very appealing.

More than a year ago, Anne Morton Caldwell (Annie’s Fanny) prodded me to submit a proposal to teach at Campbell.  She had learned braiding from an instructor there and thought I would bring additional skills to what was offered. I submitted several proposals, and they approved a 5 day “Braiding around Hooking” class for July 26-31 as they already had both hooking and braiding classes.

The description reads: “Simple or “fancy” braids can beautifully compliment or contrast the wools in your hooked rugs and mats. Learn basic skills of braiding, lacing, and butting to create a braided border for a small hooked round (6-8″), created at home and brought to class. Then choose to add more braided rows to create a braided/hooked bowl – or you may bring various hooked shapes (square, rectangle, heart, oval) or a rug-sized hooking to enhance with a braid. This class is for practicing rug hookers, but prior braiding experience is not necessary”.

That’s the good news: the bad news is only one “local” student has enrolled and they need 2 non-locals to run the class. The class is for braiding around hooking, but I will bring braided chair pad kits and hooked

combination braided/hooked chair pad/mat

combination braided/hooked chair pad/mat

borders can be added for a combination fancier chair pad or mat.

The 5 days provides many options for the student to explore various braiding skills.

If you are interested or know anyone who might be, please contact Campbell at the web site above OR me at detobias@aol.com

BEFORE  7/1/15

as that is the decision date to hold or cancel the class.                      Thanks for listening!

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  1. How great for you, Diane! The school sounds wonderful. Let’s hope that enrollment exceeds your expectations and you have to “hold over” for another session! I would think that a lot of hookers would be looking for a different way to enhance their creations. And of course they would have one of the best showing them how!

    Good luck!

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