Zig Zag Strip Rug Finished

Christine here.  I’ve been working on the zig zag strip rug, and I finally finished it.  I like the shading of colors through the rug and I think I’m going to explore that more in the next few rugs I work on.


Zig Zag Multistrand made with 4-strand braids

Here’s a close-up of the braids:


Close-up of Zig Zag Multistrand

The edges were finished with 2 rows of machine stitching in a shallow zig zag stitch.  I was surprised at how smoothly and easily the rug fed through the machine — everyone always stresses about whether they’ll be able to sew their strip rugs, but I had no problem.  I think the 4-strand braids are a bit flatter than 3-strand braids, which may have helped.


Fringe Finishing the Zig Zag Rug

The fringed edge is cut 3.5″ from the outer row of stitching, and then each end is split up its middle to make it lay flatter.

The rug was a lot of fun to make, and has given me all sorts of ideas for other multistrand strip rugs.  If only I had more time!!

3 thoughts on “Zig Zag Strip Rug Finished

  1. Very nice Christine and I like the subtle, calming violet colors. Now I can see that each chevron has two strips of 4 multistrand braids. Clever design.

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