Rectangle Strip Rug

Christine here.  On to another type of rectangle:  the Strip Rug.

For this year’s spring braid in, I signed myself up to teach a multistrand strip rug.  (Registration info for the braid in:  click on 2015 Braid in).  I often sign myself up for teaching topics that intrigue me but that I haven’t really done a lot with.  I made a multistrand rug of all 5-strands a couple years ago but I wasn’t very happy with it:  the colors I chose really didn’t work.  In the photo, I haven’t yet trimmed/fringed the right side.


5-Strand Multistrand Rug

As you can tell in the photo above, I tried to get a diamond pattern going with the hot pink, but it got lost in the confusion of too many colors.  I decided that when I made another one, I would limit my color palette and keep the contrast strong.  And not use hot pink with gray, green, and lime.

Since then I’ve been eternally writing a book on multistrands (I really am finally making some progress on it) so when I taught a zig zag patterned purse (just 3 strands, in a spiral of two braids) at the Methuen braid in last year, I thought about using the 2-braid spiral technique with multistrands also.  Here’s a 4-strand tote bag made with one strand slanting left, and one strand slanting right.  The advantage of using two braids slanting in opposite directions is that e-lacing isn’t necessary (except for a couple short stretches).

4-Strand Spiral Tote Bag

4-Strand Spiral Tote Bag

So, this time I kept the color palette restricted and focused on creating constrast.  The pale white plaid and dark olive drab colors are… pretty boring.  But the technique was fun.  I plan to make another one in colors that are more vibrant.

I had so much fun with the 4-strand zig zag that I decided to make one as a class sample for my Multistrand Strip Rug class.  Here it is so far:

4-strand multistrand rug

4-strand multistrand rug

The center colors are a dusky rose and pale cream; I plan on having a few more rows of the cranberry/cream before moving to a burgundy or dark brown with cream at the edges.  This rug also avoids having to e-lace anything — if you can’t tell, I’m not fond of e-lacing.


I’m always attracted to really strong patterns, and this rug is turning out to be a lot of fun to make.  For my next one, I plan on using similar colors but placing the cream only in the left-slanting strips, with a camel in the right-slanting strips.  I’m hoping that using the 2 slightly different shades will make the rug appear textured — as if the ridges are 3-D.

I thought this multistrand strip class would be a really simple class to teach, but I’m having a lot of fun with this simple idea.  I just hope I have enough time to make all my ideas before the class!

6 thoughts on “Rectangle Strip Rug

  1. Good morning, I wanted to share this picture of my braided totes. I opted for leather handles and I can’t even begin to tell you how many people love it. I am working on my 4th order now and people don’t mind paying the extra for the leather handles. Thank you, Kim

  2. Looking forward to the class. It is so nice to show off all the things you can do with Braiding. Especially to those who say “Oh my Grandmother used to do that”. Thank you. I am REALLY enjoying retirement.

  3. Christine, you really inspire us. I wish we could all be as creative as you. I just may have to create a multistrand strip rug.

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