Be happy for snow: a good way to clean rugs!

Dianne here

I live in Northern California where a snow dusting happens about every 20 years. But I have heard for years of using snow to clean braided rugs….tho never doing it myself, alas.

Mary Rango, a blog reader from MA has sent the following photos illustrating the technique. She reports it brightens and cleans the rugs quite well and makes winter a little more palatable….well, maybe that’s a stretch.

I had my 94 year old Dad over for dinner tonight and was explaining the technique. To a native Californian it DOES seem weird, but to a native Californian rug braider, I am jealous!  Thanks Mary…




7 thoughts on “Be happy for snow: a good way to clean rugs!

  1. Yes, the fresh, dry snow is great for cleaning your braided rugs but mine were cleaned three snow storms ago. Enough is enough!!! The snow piles are so high we needed to put an inexpensive full length mirror in the snow at the end of our street so that we can see on-coming cars. Yes, the fresh fallen snow is beautiful and the cold dry snow is great for cleaning your rugs… but mine are clean and I’m looking forward to the sun feeling warm, the wind to stop blowing, and the temperature to be above 10 degrees.

  2. This year we really have the snow to clean all our rugs. Thanks Mary and Dianne for the reminder and Mary your rug sparkles. Stay warm fellow easterners!

  3. diane.. yes cleaning rugs in the snow is a long tradition in new england… and as far as snow goes.. we here in worcester massachusetts have an abundance and are willing to share it with you anytime
    the piles are very high

  4. Here in the northeast corner of Oklahoma we finally got our first snow! I’ll have to take my rugs out tomorrow! My Pomeranians love it! I always wonder why, with all the modern things theses days, there isn’t some way to pack up some of the over abundance of snow or flood water and truck or send it by rail to where it is needed!! My daughter, would say, must be a man, at the head, if there was a woman, it would be done already!!

  5. We too have plenty of snow here in Belfast, New York. But my rug couldn’t wait for the snow. Last summer when it was so hot I took the idea of an antique dealer of old oriental rugs. I took my rug to the car wash. Placed it on the clean cement floor and used the power washer to soap it up on both sides and rinsed well. Rolled the rug up and placed it on a tarp in the trunk. At home I placed several 2x4s over the backs of two benches on the porch and air died for several days. Turned the rug over several times. Beautiful, clean and no damage. This rug has been used in front of the kitchen sink and stove for several years. So winter or summer we can clean our rugs.

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