Braided Rug Exhibit at Schwenkfelder’s


Judy Hartzell’s braided rug On exhibit at Schwenkfelder Museum


Debra Weinhold’s Braided Round with Multistrand Border

Christine here:  I promised part 3 of my Combination Rugs series… but I’m putting that post off for a bit while I rave about the exhibit currently showing (through March 1, 2015) at the Schwenkfelder Museum in Pennsburg, PA.

Last weekend we had a braid guild meeting, and we adjourned early to go over to the museum and see the exhibit.  52 of our guild’s braided rugs are on display!  I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to walk in the large exhibit space with with braided rugs hung all over the walls as art pieces.  I felt that our medium was finally receiving the recognition it deserves as a form of art.

Yes, I know… there have been a few art exhibits of braided rugs before… two that I can think of:  one centered around Norma Sturges, the author of the braided rug book, in Wyoming; and one in the Colorado area centered around the Rocky Mountain Rug Braiders.  But THIS exhibit has my rugs and my friends’ rugs, so it’s more personal and meaningful to me.


Debbie Wykosky’s Chair Pad with Fancy Border


Multistrand Braided Rug by Dorothy Pepe

I want to thank the curator, Candace Perry, for doing such a wonderful job on the rug arrangements to make an effective display.

While I was there last Saturday, I got to meet fiber artist Susan Feller, who partnered with the museum on the “From Garden to Table” exhibit on the first floor of the museum.  It features historic Schwenkfelder pieces, as well as contemporary hooked rugs, centered around the theme of fruits and vegetables.  One of my friend Kris McDermet’s rugs is on display there, as well as some very visually interesting pieces by Susan Feller, and the historic pieces are truly amazing.  There’s a floral bouquet made entirely of feathers that looked shockingly real from a few feet away.  There is one floral framed piece composed entirely of pieces of felt that is just gorgeous.  Really, really fun to see.

If you’re in the greater Philadelphia area around the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, it is truly worth a trip!


Susan Feller, with one of her rugs on display at the Schwenkfelder Museum


Floral Bouquet constructed entirely of feathers


Princess and the Pea, Christine Manges

2 thoughts on “Braided Rug Exhibit at Schwenkfelder’s

  1. How exciting for the guild, and for the braiding community … It’s like knowing Superstars!!

    I may have to drag my husband to the museum on our way South in February. Although I may end up having a similar experience as you did with your family this past summer, Christine, I’d love to see a whole room of “show and tell” rugs … the grumbling would be worth it!

    • Christine here: Thanks, Jenn, for your comments. I hope you get to make a visit in February. It was a lot of fun and I think all of the exhibits at this PA German museum are pretty interesting, so maybe the family can find SOMETHING to occupy them while you look at the rugs!

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