Fiber Souls

Dianne here:  So I am back in California, the braiding desert….with few braiders to interact with. But lots of wonderful memories of the fiber trip. What I want to write about today is how wonderful it is to connect with fellow fiber enthusiasts….or more generically, how wonderful it is to connect with others who share similar interests and passions. These are truly our kindred spirits I think.

The trip afforded that what with visiting the Green Mountain Rug Show, teaching and visiting at New England Braids and finally chilling with Christine and Kris McDermet in Boston. In some ways the last was the best, sharing our love for braiding and hooking (Kris and me) and our friendship which has grown from the time I met Christine in 2006 to when we met Kris in probably 2008, through the writing of the book and now, sharing ideas for projects, troubleshooting problems as they arise and relating stories of our teaching experiences. 

I feel so fortunate to have met Christine and Kris and all the other braiders and rug hookers. They have expanded my friend pool both in numbers and in depth. I would imagine I am not alone in feeling this way, even in areas which are not braiding deserts. Am I right? 

imageHere is a selfie we took at the Shelburne Museum and then a pix of the alpaca rug I worked on while on the trip. Three more rows of the alpaca and brown and it will be 3 x 5′, the desired size. image

As you can see, I started it as a continuous, then tapered before changing to the brown and butted all rows since the taper. I think that is a nice compromise, faster with the beginning being continuous, yet a sharper look with the butted rows, especially with new colors.  I will post a completed pix with better color when done!

6 thoughts on “Fiber Souls

  1. What a great week-end we had in Methuen. glad to see the rug was finished. will send a pic of my zigzag bag when I return home from California. Love the weather here. wish we all could have attended the green Mountain Rug Show.Kris’ rug was outstanding. The Labyrinth was fantastic.

  2. Glad for your travels and friendship times. Thanks for the reporting on your Fiber Trip. Neat photo of you both.

  3. I agree with you, Diane, about building and expanding friendships. The braiding community is welcoming and supportive – not to mention astoundingly creative! I feel very lucky to have found NE Braids and have gotten to know other braiders. It is great fun! But the best part is the encouragement … no matter what you are working on, no matter what level you’re at, no matter how discouraged you might be … there is always support, helping hands, teaching moments, appreciation, and all of this given gladly, with smiles. It is simply wonderful!

    • Dianne here; thanks Jenn for the agreement. And as I venture into the rug hooking world, I find the same welcoming and support. I was at a home of an older woman yesterday who opens her home every Tuesday and other times for those of us who rug hook (and braid). It is wonderful; like a camp. If you want advice, you just put your rug/mat on the floor and ask. They are even patient with me when I talk braiding! I am butting the last three rows of the 3×5′ alpaca…getting close and will send pix when done before I ship. I was telling the rug hookers that I sometimes slow down at the end because it is like a good book, I don’t want to end!

      • Can’t wait to see the end result! Know what you mean … especially when it’s being given as a gift. One hopes it will go to a good and loving home!

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