The End of the Fiber Trip

Dianne and Christine here in Boston, leaving for home tomorrow. What is it about anticipating good times, they happen and end too fast. That is our feeling about this trip. It seemed so luxuriously long at the front end and now it has ended.
The New England Braids weekend in Methuen, MA provided time with braider friends, old and new; lots of time for braiding and other fiber activities and several opportunities for classes. We each taught a class; Christine a zig zag braided bag with two braids going at once and Dianne braiding around hooking.
One nice aspect of the Methuen weekend is the site: sleeping, eating and braiding all done in the same building allows for early morning and late night braiding and conversation; much preferred to separate hotel and braiding sites.
imageThis year Pam Rowan organized a new event: braided fashion show which included such items as braided bags, braided boa, hats, LL Bean boots, mittens and slippers and finally ended with a braided bikini. Who knew braiders could strut their stuff so enthusiastically?

We have been in Boston for the past couple of days, mainly braiding and rug hooking, taking time for walks and meals, but mainly braiding….what could be better?

We saw this jack ‘o lantern on a Boston step on one of those walks.


4 thoughts on “The End of the Fiber Trip

  1. Oh yes. Having the braiding, classes, meals and sleeping in the same building is wonderful. No wasted time or difficulties if you forget some of your project in your rm. maybe next yr there will be a PJ day. Classes were wonderful and informative at Methuen. It is so nice to meet friends of past and to meet new ones. Thank you to Carol Broadbent for all her efforts.

  2. I’m in for PJ day!!! When talking with Petrea at Methuen, she mentioned that Methuen seemed almost “dressed to the nines” compared to the Alfred, Maine, braid-in (another all in one event). Since the New England Braids happens around Halloween time, maybe we could do a comfy costume day – PJ’s with a twist? You’re in for that, right Christine????? Yes indeed thanks to Carol Broadbent for organizing the NE Braids event. It was a fun weekend …

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