Fiber Trip

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So, next Tuesday I fly to Albany NY from CA and Christine will pick me up on her way from PA and we will continue to Burlington VT to take in the first days of the Green Mountain Rug Show where our third co-author Kris McDermet will be teaching. We also plan to visit the Shelburne Museum then head down to New England Braids in Methuen, MA where we both will be teaching. This braiding weekend is organized to be a combination of classes, open time and terrific networking at a reasonable price. The site is a seminary where the sleeping rooms are in the same building as the classes so early birds and late birds can get in more work and not have to travel from a hotel. Google New England Braids for contact info about next year. We will post a blog from the weekend with photos from creative braiders.

Alpaca rug has about 6 rows now and am thinking of tapering then butting each additional row to allow for pleasing color changes….as luck would have it, Christine thinks she has the same green I am using and will bring to MA….


3 thoughts on “Fiber Trip

  1. We were just at the Shelburne Museum. There is so much to see that we went 2 days. There is a GREAT restaurant called Pauline’s that is about 5 minutes from the museum. It was so good and prices are reasonable. We went there twice.

  2. I did not know about the Green Mountain Rug Show, but will be in northern VT for the week, so I may try to get over that way. On Thursday, I am teaching Part II of a round rug class in the Northeast Kingdom – Town of Westmore – (about 2+ hours to the east from Burlington). Hope it’s a great time, and I’ll look forward to hearing about Methuen as well.

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