Dianne blogging….My rug hooking guild president got a call from a daughter of a former braider with those beautiful words: “Do you know anyone who would like some wool?”

As I am the only braider our president knows, she contacted me as well as putting the offer in our guild newsletter. Bonanza!  The daughter lives about an hour away, and is a quilter but alas not a braider or rug hooker….but wanted her mom’s stash to find an appreciative home.

So Friday I took home 6 storage boxes home and began the Christmas opening! The wool was mostly in rolls but there were about 6 flat pieces of 3-4 yds each….I prefer to store my wool flat and only cut/tear for individual projects, not store my wool in rolls as I adjust the width of each wool to account for different weights of wool for the 3 strands in a braid. Do you also?


It seems to me that older generations of braiders stored their wool more in rolls….Of course I have a laundry basket full of individual rolls waiting for the next hit and miss rug or a small basket, but most of my wool is stored flat.

imageThe daughter said the wool had been stored in these boxes with newspaper on top for many years. Some of the papers dated back to the early 90’s.

So the bonanza needed to be washed but first examined. It was a glorious California day and I spent the afternoon opening each box and sorting into what I wanted and what I didn’t which went back into the boxes. The rolls had been secured with rubber bands, most of which had rotted. Many of the rolls were very thick and very narrow strips. I enjoy making ‘tiny braided’ projects but not with such thick wool. Not sure what my benefactor had intended for these.
All I wanted needed to be washed. Unless I know whom/how/where wool has been stored, I don’t want to take a chance in bringing it into my stash. I saw a very few moth holes and the wool was old so I opted for washing in hot, the rolls in mesh bags and a hot dryer.
Unfortunately my washer is a front loader without an agitator so the good news is the woI ol did not felt much; the bad news is the thinner wools including some of the flat wools did not….even in hot with a tennis ball.
The mesh bags were a good idea but most of the rolls came apart in the bags so needed to be rerolled after drying. The rolls which had very small strips were discarded…amazing what one is willing to discard during a bonanza!
So, the stash is enlarged and the local thrift store accepted the rest. When my husband dropped off the boxes, the volunteer said she wanted to learn to braid!

And I am making a basket for the daughter from 2 of her mom’s wools and darker blue from mine. i will put in some homemade jam and send this week. Continuous bottom and butted sides….


Thank you anonymous braider for sharing your stash; Know it is appreciated!

As I am learning this blog-thing, I should have taken pix from the start of the bonanza….need to start thinking of those things….

PS: We are having trouble adding comments to some posts. Any expert in wordpress out there, please correspond to me at thebraidingpost@gmail.  Thanks…Dianne

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  1. I have heard placing wool in the freezer for several days would kill any infestation of moths. Barbara Esterly

  2. Dianne, You don’t have to wash the wool in rolls.. You can put it into the freezer for several days. That will kill any moths and larva. Carol

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