Yet again: Procrastination

Those of you who read my newsletter know that I’m a bit neurotic.  One of my many quirks is that I’m an awful procrastinator.  I can get just about anything done other than what I’m supposed to be working on.  The more I have to do, the worse it gets.

So, what am I doing?  I’m braiding.  Here’s my current work area (which tends, much to the annoyance of my family, to be my dining room table):


Whenever I’m procrastinating, I am drawn to my softest, loveliest wools… often with a little cashmere or silk in them.  I delight in the smooth softness of the strips as they slide through my hands while I’m braiding.  This is not the time for the heavy melton wools that can be a bit stiff and make your hands ache after an hour or so… it’s the time for those lovely washed and felted pieces that are buttery soft and sensual to work with.

Here’s my work station:  laptop and earphones for listening to my current paranormal romance mystery by Kelley Armstrong:  “No Humans Involved.”  Scissors, lacing thread (I finally started putting a rubber band around my lacing thread, and it has really cut down on my terrier’s wandering off with the spool and draping lacing thread from the kitchen to the living room), tapestry needle for splicing, ruler for cutting new strips, and needle and thread because I’m too lazy to set up my sewing machine yet again.

My procrastination rugs always seem to end up with softer colors, also — not the somewhat dramatic rugs with sharply contrasting colors that I tend to plan out better.  The procrastination rugs are purely about comfort.  Here I’ve chosen a soft peach, a peach/brown plaid, and a soft brown tweed.  I’ll make a color change in another few rows, but I like a large calm center to most of my comfort rugs.

What am I putting off?

1.  Putting hanging sleeves on the back of several rugs to submit to a museum Oct 4.

2.  Cleaning my house for a weekend guest.  (This is a several day process).

3.  Working on my newsletter, which usually comes out in the first couple weeks of October.  It is, frankly, a whole lot of work and while I have a bunch of articles started, I haven’t managed to finish anything.

4.  Finishing my class handout for the zig zag bag I’ll be teaching at the upcoming Methuen braid in.

Eventually, I will have to face all of the above and get them done.  But at the moment… I’m just going to go back to braiding.


1 thought on “Yet again: Procrastination

  1. Hey Christine, I feel your pain…and like that peachy wool. Wish I could feel it and see better pix of it as it looks interesting texture along with pretty color.
    I feel your pain because as your friend and co-author, I have experienced your procrastination up close and personal over the years….and your yourself told me at the start of the book project ‘that you did best with deadlines’, remember? Well, suffice it to say, at crunch time for the book deadline we all were gritting our teeth and growling. Intriguing how we each dealt with the pressure…but that is for another day.
    I find braiding and hooking not only an escape from the pressues of deadlines and life, but a time for introspection and medidation. Maybe the roteness of the movements, or maybe it is my rationalization for MY choosing fiber art over most anything else! Looking forward to the next newsletter. If readers want more info on subscribing, contact Christine at It is a terrific resource filled (too full, ergo the procrastination) with instruction, tips and interesting facts about…..braiding! Dianne

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