We are off and running!

Hello from Christine and Dianne…  with much enthusiasm and a degree of anxiety, we are beginning this blog!  We have talked about it for at least a year and have struggled through WordPress hurdles we never anticipated…finally Dianne’s daughter-in-law helped us out with some clear and concrete direction for the blog set-up, so here we are at The Braiding Post.

For a few years Christine and Dianne served as moderators for the Yahoo Braided Rugs Group.  Increasing frustration with difficulties with the site (Dianne could only make her posts show up about half the time) made us explore new options for the braiding and hooking community.  We’re not completely comfortable with the blog format just yet, however, so that we don’t LOSE our enthusiasm, we are jumping off into the blog abyss.

Here are our goals:

1.   Share our love of braiding… and combining braiding with hooking.

2.  By commenting on articles, the larger braiding community should be able to ask and answer questions of each other.

3.  We are absolutely obsessed with braiding and hooking and need an outlet for talking about our obsession.

4.  Although we haven’t developed all of our pages yet, we plan to have supply lists, a calendar, website links, and any other pages that will prove useful to the community.

Most of our posts will be in a “here’s what we’re working on” format.We’ll talk about the things that are going well with our braided and braid/hook pieces, and what we’re encountering difficulty with.  We hope to include lots of photos for clarity.

Other posts will serve to directly answer questions that you raise in comments or emails.

So, here we are and we hope this works out. Check out our ‘about page’.  Look forward to your comments.

Yours in Braiding,

Dianne and Christine

15 thoughts on “We are off and running!

  1. Congratulations, Dianne and Christine. Thank you for sharing your obsession with all of us braiding junkies!

  2. This is great. Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to reading more. I recently demonstrated at a historical weekend at Joanna Furnace’s Hay Creek Fall Festival.

    • Thanks Barbara, demonstrating sounds like a good way to spread the word. Send me some info (thebraidingpost@gmail.com) about the day and I will do a blog post…to encourage others! Dianne

      • How do I attach a picture? I do not see an icon for pictures. I finished a replacement rug for my breakfast nook.

      • Barbara, there is no way to attach to comments at this time or a gallery. You will need to post it on the yahoo rugbraiding group….but we would love for you to describe it and anything you learned, especially the hard way! Dianne

  3. Thank you for taking the time to set this up! You might consider setting up a braiders Facebook group too and copying and posting the same blog entries to it. BTW- If anyone knows braiders in DC, I’d love to be introduced to them. I’m still looking for someone to teach me this skill.

    • Brenda,
      Look on the ‘about’ page and send me the info stated (name, email, city, state, zip) and I will put you into the database and run a query for DC, VA and MD….address to send is on the about page….

  4. Wonderful to be part of this braiding and hooking world. Thanks Dianne and Christine for starting your blog-looking forward to all of the good information and chat from you and your readers.

  5. Very happy that you both are taking on this new adventure…. and the necessary learning curve. With your enthusiasm and knowledge of braiding and hooking I know it will be a huge success.

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